School Smart 8″ Loop Scissor, Yellow

School Smart Loop Scissors are the ideal choice for those with physical disabilities or coordination difficulties. The long polypropylene handles are extremely flexible and easily squeezed together by hands, arms or any other mobile limbs. These yellow School Smart scissors are 8″ long, making them ideal for your daily cutting needs. They can be used with either hand, no matter your dexterity dominance. The 8″ scissors with polypropylene handles also sport a spring trigger which automatically rests the stainless steel blade after use. They have been classroom tested and approved for both home and school use for a wide range of patrons. The looped handles will prevent the scissors from falling all the way to the floor, so the individual will not have to bend down to retrieve them.



Product Description

Sold individually
These yellow, School Smart scissors are designed for those with physical disabilities or coordination problems
Easy to use handles make cutting a breeze
Scissor blade re-opens automatically
Classroom tested and ready for home or school

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